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Designed for physical and emotional freedom.

Take charge of your own story. Bodywork with Nick unlocks your brain and body so you can be a full participant in the happiness you’ve created.


Get in touch. 

We’ll find a time and a modality that works for you.


Book with Nick.

Enjoy your session at our conveniently located studio or in the comfort of your own home.


Feel your transformation.

Flex into your joy.

Stress is optional.
Vibrancy and joy aren't.

Stress is a primary cause of many:

  • Injuries and tissue immobility

  • Emotional and interpersonal tension

  • Maladies

This may lead to physical limitations, social and family dynamic dysfunctions, and autoimmune conditions to name a few.

Oftentimes, joy is the access point to stress's antidote.

Find out what's in your back pocket that you've been missing.

How can bodywork help you?

Imagine you are the captain of your own ship.

Bigger, faster sails
Nautical sailboat_edited.png

Resolve chronic injuries and recover faster from acute injuries so you can boldly go fast and far.

Fair winds
Nautical wind_edited.png

Unlock tissues so your sails are full and taught.

Nautical captain hat_edited.png

Enjoy more brain/body coherence so they work together better.

Nautical star_edited.png

Clear the skies and find clarity to make intentional decisions.

Strong ropes

Build bonded relationships with integrity.

How is This Different From a Typical Massage?

I personally understand the pain of injury and how limiting it can be, and I also personally know what it’s like to navigate challenging social, professional, and family dynamics.


Through my own transformation, I learned how to reclaim and manage these aspects and I’ve helped others do the same. This personal stake runs deep in my commitment to your health.

During each session, I integrate multiple modalities, frameworks, and methods to attend to your physical, social, and emotional experience in real-time. It's a one-stop option for all kinds of health.

Read what some clients are saying about my work:

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Bodywork Isn't Only Physical.
It's Holistic.

Many people experience success, but not everyone experiences joy. It can be challenging to negotiate between what you want to do and what you feel obligated to do. Between work, family, social life, and ambitions, it’s difficult to feel like you have enough time to slow down and get a grip. So many of us are underpracticed at this and when we find ourselves stuck, it’s frustrating when we don’t know how to move forward. Bodywork helps to align and automate aspects of your life by increasing synergy between your brain and body. Cooperation between them helps you make intentional decisions more efficiently and with more confidence, so you have more time to focus on what’s important. I understand the brain/body connection and how it functions under stress or disagreement. I also understand how this connection affects your engagement with the external world. When you book bodywork with me, we’ll find out what your goals and challenges are and craft a unique and adaptable plan. Through this plan, we will strengthen your brain/body connection and teach you how to manage responses effectively. Book today and unlock your brain and body so you can be a full participant in the happiness you’ve created. Click below on Dive Deeper to learn more.



Mobile massage and bodywork are available upon request for a travel fee.

Ideal for folks with accessibility concerns or those who are coordinating family or group sessions.

Please email for more information

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