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After earning a BFA in Dance Performance and a minor in Kinesiology from Chapman University, I moved to the Bay Area and attended the World School of Massage & Holistic Healing Arts, earning my CMT in 2019. In 2021, I became a Responsive Body Level I Practitioner. As a dancer, I was attuned to my body during my training which allowed me to more easily tap into the sensation and experience of others on the table.


I’ve been interested in anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology from an early age and dance supported the cultivation of that interest even further. During my undergraduate education, I found my inspiration for bodywork and its transformative nature while working through a chronic injury. To my amazement, I learned how to effectively regulate my body beyond the point of recovery and into increased strength and malleability. I was also met with sensitivity around my passion for dance and my drive to continue, which was a different experience than I’d had with other physical practitioners. My experience reflected an understanding that my rehabilitation was not over when I could walk and perform everyday movements without discomfort, I needed to be able to run, leap, twist, fall, contort, and lift. This is what I strive to provide for my own clients: beginning with meeting you where you are with an understanding of where you want to go, and then bridging the gap.


I have a mix of modalities to offer. In addition to deep tissue massage, I also offer Responsive Body based therapeutic bodywork which integrates techniques borrowed from massage, craniosacral therapy, vibrational healing massage therapy, and myofascial release with an aim to improve physiological and social health as well as biomechanics.


Most importantly, each session is inspired by a primary Responsive Body principle: respond. The body is intelligent and is our best guide. These sessions are specifically tailored to both the daily and long-term needs of each individual to ensure you receive the approach that works best for you. Time and again I have seen the incredible healing power of this work.


To find out more, please visit my How it Works page or get in touch below.

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