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My first session with Nick in 2018 led to a major spiritual awakening for me... Since I've been working with him consistently, I've noticed an immense improvement in my posture, body awareness, daily pain levels, strength, movement patterns, emotional responses, and more. His holistic and gentle approach has helped me work through multiple injuries and chronic imbalances. I recommend working with him for anyone with a body.

~Angel V., Dance artist

Working with Nick has been a truly transformative experience. Nick’s ability to get in tune with, and guide, me in a fully embodied experience has allowed for significant shifts both mentally and physically for me that have helped me grow and blossom into a more authentic version of myself. Incorporating the Responsive Body techniques with his excellent massage technique has brought about so much healing for me. I can’t recommend Nick and Responsive Body enough!

~Esther C. (Nurse Practitioner, Parent)

He's some kind of body wizard.

~Bodie K. (Park Ranger)

I've had many massages and masseuses over the years- and have a complicated aging body. Nick has done miracles. He really knows what he is doing and trying to accomplish. It might take several sessions, but he keeps at it. We just had a breakthrough with a major shoulder problem I've been dealing with for years. My shoulder finally let's my arm move properly!!  On top of that, he is responsible, on time, and totally professional. A young wonder. I highly recommend him.

~Gail S. (Retired CEO)

I called Nick because I was stressed out with work and hunching over my computer for too many hours. He came over the next day with all the equipment I would expect at a spa. He even had this amazing massage gun. All my shoulder and back tension was relived after our first session and stayed that way for another week or two rather than just a few days from other massages I've had. Can't recommend enough.

~Brandon M. (Product Manager)

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